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Fidget Products

AASS Fidget Spinner Pen

This unique 2-in-1 item is a fidget spinner and a ballpoint pen. Take notes with the pen while reducing stress and boredom with the spinner on top. Click-action pens feature a plastic...


Magic Stick

Tip it and watch it flip, ping pong it back and forth, draw a triangle or square or see if you can make it stand up on its own, the...

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Light Up Ocean Bubble ball

Squeeze to make the bubbles appear Slam to activate the flashing LEDs Great Tactile Feel

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Light Up Bubble Ball

Squeeze to make the bubbles appear Slam to activate the flashing LEDs Great tactile feel 


Mesh Squishy Dino

Squishy ball inside a mesh inside a dinosaur! Squeeze it and the ball inside will pop out in bubbles Incredibly tactile, great for fidgeting and stress relief


Fidget Spinner

Pinch them between your fingers, give them a flick and enjoy the sensation of the spinning motion for minutes at a time! A fantastic fidget to keep in your pocket, bag...


Light Up Fidget Spinner

Individually packaged light up fidget spinner

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Fidget Cube

This fidget cube has 6 different fidget activities to help reduce anxiety as well as increasing focus and relieving boredom. You can roll, glide, flip, rub, click, and spin all in...


Ocean Water Ball

Slighty sticky, soft and spiky is the water splatter ball, squeeze to make the creature  living inside swim around in front of your eyes.Another excellent addition to your sensory play box....


Flashing Moody Mate

Throw your little Flashing Moody Mate at the wall or floor and watch their reaction.Observe their crazy hair muddle up and flop all over the place, while their bodies flash a...

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Squeeze Frog Ring

Squishy frog ring Squeeze the frog and a ball of glitter emerges from its mouth Great cause and effect toy


Frizzee Light Up Turtle

Admire these colouful and cute little turtles as they light up and flash when gently shaken or bounced.A terrific tactile toy that stimulates the senses. They are perfect for touching...